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White sand beaches fringe the thousands of islands, stacks and islets poking from the azure ocean of the Philippines. While the Philippines is heaven for those wanting a relaxing holiday in a tropical paradise it's the countless adventures to be had both on land and in the water that made me fall in love with this place.

The Philippines is a veritable playground for divers, snorkelers, adventurers and adrenaline junkies.

Surrounded by seas and ocean you can dive with manta rays, thresher sharks and hammerheads, swim with majestic whale sharks and snorkel with technicolour coral and fish. Floating around the Bacuit Archipelago is as beautiful above the waters surface as below and a multi day adventure from El Nido to Coron is well worth it.

On land there's underground rivers, hikes, canyoning adventures and a million smiling happy faces so wherever you go in the Philippines you'll be sure to leave with a golden glow, happy heart and a whole bunch of ticks off your bucketlist.

Top 10 things to do in THE PHILIPPINES

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August 25, 2018

With so many places on my bucket list the decision on where to go next is never easy! My Instagram feed teases me daily with an endless stream of ideas. This was my dilemma earlier this year, I had 3 weeks leave and I wanted an adventure.

Eventually I decided on The Philippines and I wanted to pack in as much as I could. After a lot of recommendations and research I figured out a plan but of course each of the things I wanted t...

April 8, 2018

The waters around the Philippines are a playground for snorkelers and divers and my plan for this trip was to spend as much time in the water as possible and to tick a few new things off my bucketlist. Day 2 I snorkelled with whale sharks, something I’d dreamt of for years so I was pumped and hopeful about my chances of also seeing manta rays.

I’d read about Manta Bowl, a cleaning station for manta rays, that can be reached on...

April 8, 2018

Putting your mask beneath the surface and coming face to face with the biggest fish in the ocean is a surreal, electric experience. The sheer size of whale sharks should be daunting but these majestic creatures quickly put you at ease as they slowly, elegantly glide through the water beneath you.

7107 islands make up The Philippines but it was the crystal clear azure waters and exploring what lies beneath that drew me there. 3...

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