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Don't let Winter stop you swimming!

I've always been a bit of a water baby, it's one of the reasons I fell in love with Australia. There’s so many options in, on, under and beside the water. Summer days lazing on the beach, perfecting the art of paddle-boarding or surfing, exploring what lies beneath while snorkelling or diving or just simply swimming at the many beaches and rock pools. 

The latter has long been one of my favourite hobbies but I have to admit in Winter the prospect of getting in your swimmers isn’t quite so attractive!

The air temperature in Australia has definitely dipped for Winter but actually the water temperature doesn't change so dramatically between seasons. For example, in Summer  Sydney water temperature ranges from 22-25 degrees and in Winter only drops to 16-19. I think that's still pretty warm, although it's probably only fair to admit that I was brought up swimming at English and Scottish beaches! 

While I’m definitely not in the water as much this time of year, I do still try, especially at the weekends where you can still get some afternoon sun.

Here's 5 reasons to swim whatever the weather:

1. It’s therapy for the soul!

Water has long been a symbol for cleansing and renewal. Whether you’re just watching the waves, floating or actively swimming, the water somehow takes us away from the daily grind and gives us clarity of mind. So if you are stressed, need time to think or just want to refresh your body and mind, swimming is the perfect remedy.

2. It burns calories

Because of it’s relaxing side effects swimming is often deemed a less worthy sport but actually it’s up there in terms of burning calories with 500-800 burnt per hour. That's the same as jogging and in my opinion a lot more enjoyable!

3. It brings you closer to nature

While the gym may be a bit more comfortable this time of year you can’t beat being at one with the elements. While I love the ocean and rock pools, all outdoor pools help you feel closer to nature. Enjoy a refreshing swim while breathing in the fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun on you.

4. It’s less impactful on your joints

As a generation we love to exercise which is great but sometimes cardio can take it’s toll on your body. It’s good to have a balance between cardio and strengthening and also high and low impact. Swimming is the perfect full body workout and especially good for those recovering from injuries sustained by high impact sports.

5. It’s free!

There are hundreds of beaches, bays and rock pools where you can swim for free, so if you want to exercise without extortionate gym fees, this is a great alternative.

So whatever time of year it is, dive in. Remember it's just those first few moments in the water that take your breath away. Once you start swimming the blood starts pumping to warm you up and unlike other sports you don’t have to worry about sweating!

Need some inspiration to get you diving in? Check out my Sydney's top 10 swimming pools post.

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