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10 Trips To Add To Your Bucket List

Don't settle for the same old holiday destinations, the world is big and beautiful and most of us have barely seen the tip of the iceberg. We don't get enough holiday so we should make the most of it with an unforgettable trip where the memories stay for life and keep us going until the next adventure!

Here are 10 ideas to give you some inspiration for your next unforgettable experience:

Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is so diverse but the Serengeti is just otherworldly, the plains give the sense of a never ending world and when the sun goes down the colours of the landscape reflect the warm feeling you get all across the country. 

When it comes to nature there few places like it, lions, elephants, giraffe and birds all go about their day to day life as if you're not even there. Once you enter the Serengeti park it doesn't take long before you start spotting animals, both large herds grazing together and lone cats stalking. There really is never a dull moment, even when you are driving through the park the scenery alone, with lonesome baobab trees and rock formations, leaves you in awe. To add to the adventure why not opt to camp within the park as part of a tour, the feeling of unfenced camping amongst the wildlife is truly exhilarating. Sitting beside a fire, star gazing and then listening to the nocturnal calls of wildlife as you drift into a deep sleep will leave you feeling totally at one with nature.

Walk the inca trail

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Macchu Picchu is incredible to see how ever you arrive but if you are able to join one of the 4 day treks along the Inca Trail the experience is even more magical. The Andes encompass you along the route and the early rises allow for unique photographic opportunities as you walk from alpine tundra to cloud forest. The Incan influence is evident along the way with smaller ruins and original walkways beneath you but the most breathtaking moment is when you arrive at the Sun Gate to watch the sun rise over the lost city of Macchu Picchu below. The remainder of the day can be spent exploring in astonishment, wondering how in the middle of these mountains a 15th century citadel was built.

Explore the Red Centre

The iconic Uluru or “Ayers Rock”  is one of Australia’s big draw cards. Thought to have formed over 500 million years ago this giant sandstone monolith is a sacred site for indigenous Australians. Watching as the sun rises and sets you can see the colours change between dark browny reds and golden oranges and quickly the magic of Uluru becomes clear. While Uluru is the most famous, Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and Kings Canyon are also incredible to see and well worth a days exploring each too. There’s plenty of walks to enjoy and if budget it not an issue you can enjoy an aerial view from a helicopter flight where you will be able to appreciate the sheer size and splendour of these sandstone domes. To immerse yourself in the culture spend an evening at the “Sounds of Silence” where you’ll be treated to aboriginal music and dance, a delicious 4 course meal and a star gazing story time all in the dunes of the outback with views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta to either side.

Get Spiritual at Angkor Wat

Cambodia conjures up so many emotions, on one side you’re faced head on with the the country's bloody past visiting the killing fields and with the many amputees going about their daily life but  on the other side you have the awe inspiring Angkor Wat and the warmth of the people. Angkor Wat is as stunning up close as it is from afar, the intricacies of the carvings and how the natural foliage and trees have intertwined with them makes it feel like a living entity. The spirituality of Angkor is undeniable and this together with the warmth and resilience of the local people will leave an imprint on you mind and soul.

Road Trip Through the Southern Alps 

New Zealand’s stunning landscapes have become even more famous from being seen in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Vertical Limit and many more Hollywood blockbusters. And it’s no wonder, the Southern Alps region is one big fairytale-like maze of snow-capped mountain peaks, majestic glaciers, ethereal valleys and tranquil lakes. For those that enjoy the outdoors a road trip around the South Island will not disappoint. The glacial lakes of Tekapo and Pukaki boast glorious turquoise and blue waters, walking in Aoraki  in spring to the Mount Cook glacier is stunning as white peaks melt into streams trickling down to the lush green valleys and rivers. Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers while retreating are still an awesome sight and well worth visiting. If budget isn’t an issue a heli-hike is a fantastic way to experience it close up as you land on the snow plains at the top of the glacier.

Discover Iguassu Falls

The largest waterfalls in the world, Iguassu crosses the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and it's worth getting the ink from each country as every perspective is so different. From Brazil you can see the full picture, you'll be in awe of the sheer size and it offers fantastic photographic opportunities. From the Argentine side you'll get closer the the action, hearing the roar and feeling the spray and often walking through a field of butterflies to get to the viewing point at the top of the falls, together these awaken the senses even before you set eyes on the falls.

Hang Out With Orangutans 

Sadly experts have predicted that wild orangutans could be extinct in less than 50 years due to deforestation of their natural habitats. Native to Borneo, there are several places you can see these curious creatures in their natural habitat or conservation areas where they are being cared for, rehabilitated and released. Hours and days can be lost watching as they swing through the branches and interact with each other. Their playful, human-like behaviours makes it even more sad to think that future generations may not know these beautiful golden beings. Encountering these endangered species in Borneo can be complemented with lazing on tropical islands off the coast as well as a 4000M hike up Mount Kinabalu making for a diverse and truly unforgettable trip.

Swim with Whale sharks 

Western Australia’s Coral Coast is home to Ningaloo, Australia’s largest fringing reef. This area has an abundance of marine life for snorkelers and divers but given it’s accessibility it’s much less busy than some of Australia’s other dive sites. While Ningaloo hosts more than 500 species of fish and spectacular coral it’s the larger visitors that make this area so special. Every year like clockwork whale sharks come to this area as part of their natural migration. Swimming with these gentle giants will be something etched in your mind forever, travel between Mid March - July for the whale shark migration. Year round you can expect to see Manta rays and June - November humpback whales come to breed. 

Get Wet at Victoria Falls 

As you approach Victoria Falls from afar you’ll quickly understand why locals named these great cascades “The smoke that thunders”. The horizon is filled with a smoke-like mist from the spray and the roar of the water plummeting to the rocks below is incredible. Within the park on the Zimbabwe side, the walkways take you to the edge so you have stunning unobstructed views of the majestic falls. As the spray bounces back up from the valley sparkling rainbows form to create postcard perfect views but prepare to get wet yourself as the spray is so heavy its like being in a warm shower! Across the bridge and border into Zambia there is the opportunity to get into the pools at the lip of the Falls at Livingstone Island. Floating at the top of one of the world’s largest waterfalls  with nothing between you and the water flowing over the edge is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience! And the adrenaline experiences don’t stop there, you can bungee jump off the bridge, canyon swing across, glide like a bird in a micolite over the falls or raft the white waters of the Zambezi down below!

Dive the Great Barrier Reef 

One of the 7 natural wonders of the world and the largest living thing on Earth, the Great Barrier Reef is even visible from space! With over 3000 individual reef systems and hundreds of islands the barrier reef is home to a rainbow of hard and soft coral, 1500 species of fish, turtles, rays and sharks. With this abundance of marine life it’s no wonder it’s a favourite for divers and snorkelers alike. In many areas the reef area is shallow, fringing islands and sand banks making it appear ideal for snorkelers however less responsible tours and travellers and have led to the destruction of these shallower areas. Do your homework and book with an operator with an advanced ecotourism verification. Not only is this the responsible option but you'll also go to less crowded and unspoilt areas of the reef where you’re likely to see more marine life and the dive sites will be a lot more exciting. These tend to be further out and more expensive but it’s worth it, just don’t forget anti-sickness tablets if you struggle with sea-sickness as it can be a bit bouncy! There’s plenty of options to stay either on the mainland, one of the many islands or on a live-aboard so whatever your budget you can enjoy exploring this underwater paradise.

What are you most unforgettable trips?

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