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The pursuit of happiness isn't always easy

As kids we're asked what do you want to be when you grow up? We're told we can be whatever we set our minds to, that we should follow our dreams and reach for the stars. Yet how many of us really are?

Last year I took a long hard look at myself, where I was versus where I wanted to be and I realised I wasn't happy and the road I was on was wasn't going to take me there. Don't get me wrong, I had a nice apartment, a well paid job, great friends and family but something was missing.

I wasn't following my dreams but instead following the social norms, working long hours in a job I was beginning to loathe. I of course moaned about it for a while but then realised it was me holding myself back, playing it safe. And it was completely in my control to change it. So I did!

The next day I resigned. I didn't have another job lined up and 3 months down the line I still don't and I'm not rushing to do so.

I'm doing what makes me happy.

My decision wasn't positively received by everyone. It seems quitting your job isn't the done thing! Im not following the herd and it seems to make some people uncomfortable. The fact that I'm 34, single, renting a share house and now to boot I opted to leave a "good job" was unfathomable. A few have mentioned the words mid life crisis, said in jest but with a definite undertone of "what on earth are you doing?".

Maybe it is in a way, although MID life is a tad harsh, there's a lot of life in this old dog yet and I just choose to live it how I want! I'd love to say I didn't give a a damn about what people think but that would be a lie, of course those comments and questioning looks couldn't help but seep in a little. But I've waited expectantly for the moment that little bit of doubt might turn into regret but it hasn't! It was the right thing for ME and MY happiness.

Along with the doubters came so many who have supported me, been desperate to hear more, to help and been truly excited by this "brave, bold move". I'm not sure if it's really brave what I did but being around these people spurs me on and gives me that confidence boost I need and also gives them the confidence to also follow their dreams whatever they may be.

So I've spent the last few months doing what brings me joy, a lot of travelling, spending time with family and friends, studying and setting up this site. Without wanting to sound too cheesy I can honestly say i've got back to the real me and spending all day in front of a laptop has never been so enjoyable.

This is my passion. This is me. And if I am the only person to read this I'll still be happy doing it, although I hope that you do enjoy it! I hope you find it helpful, entertaining and ultimately find inspiration for your future travels.

This site is new and a constant work in progress so please bear with me on this journey and feel free to send me any questions or feedback.


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