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So if you have found yourself on this blog we have one thing in common already, a love of travel.

Wanderlust took me over a long time ago, even as a child I was always interested in other countries and cultures. I remember a school project on South America when I was around 13, like most kids it was rare for me to really enjoy homework, but this geography assignment was different. It had started something, suddenly I was lost in encyclopedias and asking my Dad all sorts of questions in an effort to find out more about this foreign land. After that I started to learn Spanish and promised myself one day to go there.

While many of my childhood dreams, like becoming a vet and to learning the guitar didn't quite follow through, my promise to go to South America stuck and my first big travelling adventure started in Rio a decade later.

South America, while still a favourite for me, was just the start. That first adventure sparked my passion for travel and since then I've visited over 30 countries, moved to Sydney and have a bucketlist that is ever expanding.

I’ll be sharing my own experiences; of places I've been, people I've met and things I've learnt from the last decade of travelling. Plus I'll share useful articles, deals and tips that I’ve found elsewhere.

So if you’re wondering:

“Where to next?”

“When's the best time to go?”

“Should I go solo or as part of a tour?”

“What will I need to take?”

“Where can I find the best deals?”

You're in the right place! These are just a few of the questions that i’ve asked and been asked over the years so I’m hoping this site can help you with inspiration and advice for your next adventure.

You can find out more and contact me here

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