The easiest and cheapest way to explore is camping. Whether its a weekend away to a National Park or a long camping trip it's a great way to spend time with friends and family without the usual distractions. By day you can roam the area and by night it's just you and the stars.

You want to make sure you come prepared though as there's usually not much around if you forget something, we once started pitching our tents after a day kayaking to find that one person left the outer sheet of their ten at home! 

So to save you some time here's my list of travel essentials for camping, just add food, drink and clothes!

4 Man Tent
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag Liner
Travel Pillow
Camping Airbed
Portable Pump
Travel Towel
Camp chair
Camping Table
Camping Stove
Camping Cookware
Camping Kettle
Picnic Set
LifeStraw Bottle
Camping Lantern
Dry Pack
Laundry Kit
First Aid Kit
Refillable Toiletry Bottles
Insect Repellent
Toiletry bag
World Clock & Torch
Power Bank
Waterproof Playing Cards
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